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A fulfilled life requires more than substance, it requires wisdom.
~ Jim Rohn

Build Wealth

When You Have....

No Time

When you have little to no time, use passive income to build wealth the easy way.

No Money

When you've got some spare time to build wealth, semi-passive methods to build an income.

Bad Credit

When you're free as a bird and want to build wealth, use the bulk of your time to become a titan.

These 3 Are
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Different Types Of Wealth Building

True Wealth

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Your income is not your wealth you are your wealth! Invest in the best tool you have.

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Team Wealth

Use the power of partnership to build your own personal wealth team.

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Wealth Systems

Use different wealth building systems to generate wealth in new and efficient ways.

Start Fixing The Important Stuff & The Things You Want Will Follow.

Money isn't everything, obviously, It's not even close. It sits a long way behind your family, health, spiritual life and your friends. 

The thing is when your money-life is broken it affects each and every one of the more important areas you hold dear. From relationships to your ability to give.

My hope is to see you enjoy the most important areas of your life without allowing your money situation to destroy your hopes, dreams and goals. 

Jim Johnston from jim-johnston.com

From Bankruptcy😭

To Buoyancy🤿 To Blessed😊

I have enjoyed both success and failure in the business sphere. My hope is that I can help you find a better way to build wealth... one that gives you a greater vision bigger than you can imagine.

If you are facing financial struggles in your life right now, I want to reassure you, it's not the end - there is a way to get your life back on track.

Whether you've experienced financial or business failure, ultimately financial problems are often the root issues for many of the issues we face. Our relationships, the pressure on us and our family, the energy to plan for the future is zapped.

People love a successful person, but many will go into hiding when you're struggling. Truth is, you will learn who your friends are and their values when you go through hard times.

My hope is that I will serve you through this site to direct and support you a little to encourage you back from the darkest of places.

Despite the negative 'self-talk' you may be experiencing, you are genuinely valuable, you will recover, you do have hope - the seeds of great possibilities are lying dormant within you. Lets wake them up...

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Are you looking to break the pattern of your financial struggles? Are you prepared to make some changes inside and out? Then good things are closer than you think.

Where To Start?

Don't fret! Remember one step at a time. In starting any journey, you have to figure out what is the reason for beginning in the first place? 

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Refuel 'Right'

If you owned a Ferrari 250 GTO, you wouldn't use cheap fuel. You are worth more than any Ferrari - so start fuelling yourself and treating yourself better.

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Make a personal wealth commitment and get fully immersed. Your other option is to keep on doing what you've been doing, to keep on getting what you've been getting. Turn the tide today!

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Turn Your Dream Machine Back On

If life has brought your dream machine to a halt, then it's time to grease it up and turn it back on. Your best achievements are ahead of you.

This is just the start of your journey. My hope is that you'll realise that you are not the worst thing since unsliced bread! The best is ahead and that it's closer than you might imagine.

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