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Ethical Wealth-Building Commitment (Download)

The whole purpose of this section is to have you ask yourself an important  question.


Am I ready to try something different, to learn something new and to make a commitment to myself, my family, my loved ones and significant other to see a positive change in our lives?

OK, so there were several questions within that question, never the less, are you ready to make some changes to the way you're doing things? Are you ready to do whatever it takes? Within the confines of an 'Ethical Wealth-Builder?'


I appreciate that this might not appear to be your thing, but there is plenty of evidence that reading a statement daily can help you to internalise it and see change in your life. In a sense, it keeps you grounded in the right way.

I have created a commitment certificate that will help you begin with the right heart. Use it if you wish, or alternatively why not write out your own.

The important thing here is that you are making an important commitment to yourself and those you love, to decide to become an enlightened, ethical, joyful wealthy person.

The commitment reads:

Today, in faith, I decide to become an ethical and enlightened person of wealth. I set aside my past decisions and outcomes and choose to become a person that puts others in the frame of my decisions.

Rather than loving money, I will use it as a tool for the betterment of others as well as my family and my own desires. I seek to add abundant value to every opportunity, idea and concept to maximise the benefit of those I can serve.

I accept that in this world there is abundance. That one persons gain does not have to mean another's loss. I aim for creating win-win scenarios and even beyond that too.

I choose a heart of peace and not to rise to others' hysteria or panic when it occurs around me. I am called to be a leader and not a manager, focused on building others up. Knowing what I sow, I will reap.

I believe I am blessed to be a blessing, beyond any feeling or emotion. I am unafraid of responsibility and know that as I am called, I will also be equipped along the way as I move.

I believe that wealth comes with privileges and responsibilities, including;

  • Generosity freedom

  • Time freedom

  • Relationship freedom

  • Physical freedom

  • Freedom of the pursuit of my own passions

My goal is to build multiple streams of income for the betterment of my family and others without harm. That I operate out of a stewards heart, knowing I am its temporary owner and that time is short and should be treasured.


I am grateful for the incredible gifts and skills I have, and for those I am yet to learn. I know I am here to make an impact in my generation and the ones to come.

I decide, following prayer and reflection, to choose to become a person of wealth with all of these things in mind.

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