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Jim Johnston ¦ Jan 6th '23

Happy Wealth Building

Is there a better way to become wealthy? One that doesn't hurt others?
One that doesn't leave you lost once you've attained it?

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What is Happy Wealth Building?

What is Happy Wealth Building?

It’s making exceptional money with purpose. It’s making money as a byproduct of a greater vision. It’s making money beyond your own natural abilities for what you will become as a result.

What it’s not. It’s not about making money for status, dealing with envy, suppressing jealousy, retorting with hate, feeling proud, having a lack of purpose, and dealing with feeling insufficient.
I believe that there is a space for people that can impact the world for the better. To transform lives not by providing one meal for them to appease our own guilt, but to build them up with their own visions and help them do the same for others. Doing so means no one is left hungry in the first place.


Faith here means believing the way will be opened.

Faith here means believing the way will be opened.

Faith is the place to create wealth from. A place where you know that you know that you know that all provisions will be met for the greater plan you have.

Even when:

  • Your back is against the wall

  • When there’s no apparent way out

  • When you feel scared that you’ll be humiliated and abandoned


Pro-vision = The means required to accomplish a vision.


It does not mean you do nothing and wait. All manifestation and no action make Billy a poor boy.

Do visions only come from God?

Do visions only come from God?

At the risk of ruffling feathers, I believe that the greatest visions are divine, God-given, faith-based and probably the most powerful enduring realm of influence on earth.
A vision beyond you will also outlast you.
Even the greatest industrial greats of the 19th and 20th centuries were, visions led. Although to obtain a vision in that era would have been far easier given the influence of the Church and faith in schools being prevalent.
Today we need to connect together, often in small numbers, in order to build each other up. It takes time.
My vision is to help others become wealthy in every area of their lives.

In doing so my hope is you’ll:

  • Experience peace

  • Contentment

  • Become wiser

  • Become more durable in the storms of life

  • Not harbour anger or hate

  • Have stronger relationships

  • Better marriages

  • Be better parents

  • Employers

  • Employees

  • More generous

  • Be happier

  • Experience greater joy

  • Become the person they know is the version of themselves they were called to be.

Happy wealth-building is about enjoying a better life on earth in anticipation of eternity, your legacy and how you'll be remembered.

I hope you'll be ready to do something incredible, that is wherever you were born to do, to the highest level. 

Building with the end in mind means building towards what you will be left with when you cannot work or decide to stop working in the future. 

  • Your family

  • Your marriage

  • Your conscience

  • Your peace of mind

  • Your joy

  • Others' too, for all of the above

  • Also, your walk with God

My goal is to serve you the best I can on this journey, to help you become a wealthier person on as many levels as possible.

Jim Johnston

Jim Johnston is an award-winning entrepreneur. With a business banking background in London originally, he went on to create a national B2B start-up in the UK, for on-demand property services. A blogger, copywriter, and all-round creative, his vision is simple - to see people experience wealth in every key area of their lives. True wealth!

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