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Health Is Wealth!

Managing Your Health, To Be Stronger For Your Vision 

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Without Health

Without Health

Without prioritising your health you can kiss goodbye to the vision for your life. Health is intrinsically linked to time. We know that our bodies will age and that they will eventually perish.

Knowing this doesn't need to be depressing! If anything it should be freeing. Whilst our health may decline regardless of how well we take care of our bodies it is important nevertheless to play our part in ensuring our longevity.

You have a say in how easy a part of your life will be, regardless of some physical limitations. Zig Ziglar once said, “ The harder we are on ourselves, the infinitely easier life will be on us”.

I am not, in any way, naturally athletic. In fact I know that my body loves chocolate. So much so that when I eat it -  it retains it. 😂😭🍫

It’s so important, that in this one area of your life, that you have a say over how you'd like it to be. You have the ability to control a part of your life - how great is that. Use that control to prepare it for your journey ahead.

Yes, for your children’s weddings, for your kids and grandkids, for social status too. More than that, if you have a vision for your life it’s important that you finish your journey.

Whether you are going to drive there in a Rolls-Royce or a mini cooper, either way regular servicing of your 'vehicle' (👩=🚗) will help you go further with strength.

Health Vs Wealth

Health Vs Wealth

As the old saying goes "you can always make more money but you cannot gain a second more in this life".

As I’ve already stated health and time are intrinsically linked. So whilst we are naturally drawn to make money first, the priority of our health should supersede it.

The wonderful thing about prioritising your health over wealth is that the energy required to create wealth will become less. Your creativity and the level of work you are able to achieve in a smaller period of time will increase. You’ll feel less lethargic at points in the day. You still have energy for your family when you’re not working.

When you prioritise health over wealth there’s a good chance that people will simply like you more.

Starting Where You Are

Starting Where You Are

I cannot stand here and tell you with a 100% confidence other people see me as a Greek God 🏋️‍♂️. In fact I know they don’t.

I am on my own journey as a result of going through a tumultuous financial collapse in which I went through a period of losing all motivation to do anything.

In those times it’s important to create routine with the important things.


Even though you will get no joy from doing them at the time, after only a short while you will start to see the benefits 'switch on'. Your energy will return, and with it your passion will return.

Wherever you are in your physical health, shape, weight, or appearance, I want you to know that there will always be somebody else that has come further than where you are starting from and is now currently healthier than you are. You have a shorter journey than them to travel!

Even if you feel you’re unable to do any great exercise, you can simply start with a step. One an hour if necessary. Then two steps, then one street post. From here, no matter how long it takes, you can get to a stage where you are able to run 5km three times a week.

If you have a health condition that might prevent this then I strongly encourage you to speak with a medical professional as soon as possible and ask them for a set of exercises that you are able to accomplish.

A wise person once said "movement creates energy"!

Learning From The Past

Learning From The Past

I speak to young people at my Church and they believe that staying healthy is ‘easy’.

I’m inclined to believe them, if it were not for the several spare tires I have carried through the years....just in case I needed one 🙄.

You are unique, so often most diets, fitness plans etc won't work as they're not  custom fit or tailored to you. You could hire a personal trainer who would give you a personalised plan but normally at a cost that could be too much at this point.

"We are where we are because of the decisions we’ve made in the past", yes that’s obvious, however the goal we want to achieve is never as far away as we believe. My personal belief is that the simpler the concept the better.

The success of every diet or health plan can normally be narrowed down to calorie counting. Calorie counting is the simplest weight loss process, a process you can follow easily has a greater chance to achieve the desired results.


If you calorie counted for six days and gave yourself a day off every Saturday (allowing for no more than double your regular calorie counting) then there is a very high chance you will be in a better condition than where you are right now.

Motivation For Building Health

Motivation For Building Health

If you have tried multiple health plans, diets, gym memberships, tips and tricks from magazines and more - then there may be very little I can tell you to change your mind.

As with any goal, It is important to be extremely specific. It is also important to measure progress as you go. That doesn’t mean weighing yourself on the scales every day as that would be meaningless.


However counting your calories every day, weighing yourself once a week, measuring your waist and your ‘areas of reduction‘ once a fortnight - You will see significant progress.

Avoiding temptation is a good idea but the point to come to is realising that temptation actually has no hold over you anymore.

Temptation is a bi-product of how we see ourselves and our life's vision. Get these two areas down and it becomes easier to manage.

Sharing The Health

Sharing The Health

Getting healthy and fit is best done with other people. Like many things in my early days I believed that the best way to accomplish anything in life to do it alone. That way I could get all the praise all of the acclaim and I would enjoy it!


The truth is most goals that are worth achieving are worth achieving with other people. If you have a family incorporate them into this. Even if only one other member wants to join with you, latch onto that and support each other.

If you don’t have a family and you live alone, then it’s advisable to try and find someone from work, a neighbour, a fellow dog walker, another gym goer, a friend or relative you haven’t seen in a long time.

If none of those work then put a post on social media and ask for someone to do this with you. You’ll be surprised how many people are willing to help and want to be a part of it. 

This world is lonely enough be one of the ones that wants to join the rest of us!

Health Notes Vs Winging It

Health Notes Vs Winging It

Whilst I’ve already spoken about measuring yourself and keeping track of measurements, I think it’s a really good idea to write it down in an official manner for yourself.


This can be on a note in your phone, within an app that’s designed for this, in a notebook, you could even find space for it in your vision journal.

The reason in part of the success of the Bible across the world is that the words of Christ were committed to paper at the time.


Paper that was then placed in jars, that were preserved for millennia and have changed the lives of billions and billions of people around the globe for centuries.

Without trying to sound dramatic it’s important to know that when you commit something to text it has the power to endure.

I wish you every success on your journey to becoming healthy, fitter for all of the people in your life including you. That, as a result, you will see the vision come to pass in your life.

Jim Johnston

Jim Johnston is an award-winning entrepreneur. With a business banking background in London originally, he went on to create a national B2B start-up in the UK, for on-demand property services. A blogger, copywriter, and all-round creative, his vision is simple - to see people experience wealth in every key area of their lives. True wealth!

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