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Building True Wealth

Using The Wisdom And Knowledge Of Others To Break
The 'Failure Loops Of Life' And Achieve Contentment.

​"The real purpose of wealth is to give of it generously."
~Blaise Pascal

Different insights and knowledge that are designed to inspire, strengthen an increase the wealth in each of the different areas of your life.

Finding your vision
Enlightened wealth commitment
Health is wealth
Does a spiritual life lead to wealth

Out Of The Rut, Past Reluctance, & On To Restored

Changing the parts of you that 'need' changing is where things begin to happen in your life. After all we cannot be both victims and victors at the same time.


We are all where we are because of the decisions we made yesterday. So consider making some new, different, bold decisions today.

My goal is to help you move from being stuck and not making breakthrough to beginning a new commitment with yourself to make some positive changes.


I'm no scientist, psychologist or pastor, but I know what has worked for me and what hasn't.

Everything that needs to change for the better, begins with you.

Jim Johnston

Jim Johnston is an award-winning entrepreneur. With a business banking background in London originally, he went on to create a national B2B start-up in the UK, for on-demand property services. A blogger, copywriter, and all-round creative, his vision is simple - to see people experience wealth in every key area of their lives. True wealth!

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