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Wealth Team

Why Building A Wealth Team Will Determine The Speed & Level Of Your Success

​"Contentment is natural wealth; luxury is artificial poverty."

You Are Limited When Alone

I am a lone-wolf! Or at least I used to think I was. For years I struggled with my company to manage it alone, grow it alone, absorb the pressure, costs and challenges alone.

On top of that my opportunities were limited as I was always consumed with my business struggles and challenges.

When I came through the most stressful seven years of my (my family and staffs too) life, I realised that I was wrong. I was not made to be alone, I was made to collaborate with others!

Finding a person with the same ethos, ambition and drive as you is special and rewarding. In collaboration it takes you to a new level. Now picture a group of like minded people - the possibilities are incredible.

There is a famous story regarding the Tower Of Babel. During its construction, many people came together for one purpose, the building of this tower.  


Whilst their purpose was not in line with Gods plans, there is something to be said about the power of unity and collaboration.


In fact it was God that said “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them"!

It's a vision on my heart to see business people released from the challenge of walking alone and being part of something bigger. That's why I created 'Collabz' - which is described a little further below.

If you are looking to build a dynamic team around you, then I have created three sections above to help you know where to begin.

The three sections are going to show you how to figure out your personality type first then, once ready, find others that compliment and balance you.

With this team you will be able to achieve incredibly exciting things. 

  • Team up with people that compliment each others strengths & weaknesses

  • Be a sounding board for one another for your own business

  • Take on new opportunities together

  • Learn from one another

  • Access each others networks

  • Incubate business ideas together

  • Close knit support network

I'm calling it 'Collabz'. It's intended

to be a powerful collaboration laboratory

for entrepreneurs. 

Its not a partnership in the traditional sense as entrepreneurs are naturally quite independent.


Its not a networking group either as they are there for often overwhelming, all personality types thrown together, sometimes a little cultish, and they don't benefit everyone that attends.


Unless you've been there for ten years you're kept at a distance or ignored.

'Collabz' is a small group of like minded people, with complimentary personality types, supporting each other to achieve their individual goals whilst growing further opportunities together.​

It allows entrepreneurs to flourish whilst benefitting from new opportunities. It also protects the entrepreneur from struggling alone and keeping their eyes on a bigger vision, rather than inwardly and on themselves.

To learn more about assembling your own 'Collabz Team' and what to do when you're ready to meet then take a look at the three sections below.

If you're ready to do more than you can do alone, then amazing things await.

Jim Johnston

Jim Johnston is an award-winning entrepreneur. With a business banking background in London originally, he went on to create a national B2B start-up in the UK, for on-demand property services. A blogger, copywriter, and all-round creative, his vision is simple - to see people experience wealth in every key area of their lives. True wealth!

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